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African american essay

The Horrible History of Discrimination Against African Americans in the America

The word that can describe African American history in the America is, sadly, tragic. For hundreds of years, slavery was a part of everyday life in this part of the world which is simply terrifying. This will not be just the African American essay; this will be more of a discrimination against African American essay.

Nearly every African American essay suggests, that life of early African slaves was miserable. And they are absolutely right. People were taken from their homes and brought into a foreign land so they can work mines and plantation of some rich dude. As the time passed one, people around changed, the land stopped being a colony and became a country, but not much changed for the African Americans. Nowadays people can be writing an African American literature essay where they would talk about such an amazing culture, but back then, people of African descent were seeing as second class citizens, whose sole purpose was to serve.

If you ever say an African American essay, you will know, that slavery came to the end in 1863. But in our African American civil right essay, it is necessary to say, that even though former slaves gained freedom, they were largely limited in their rights. Often they couldn’t vote, own property or get a decent job. These lows are known as Jim Crowns laws. Just as every other African American civil rights essay, we will point out that those laws were unfair and cruel.

In the 1960s movement called “civil rights movement” led by Martin Luther King Jr. This discrimination against African American essay will also point out, that against all odds, the movement was a huge success. Of course, segregation was far from being completely gone, but at least the process was started.

Today, the racial situation in the US is far better that it was sixty years ago. People in schools are assigned to write African American civil rights essay, maybe an African American literature essay or a discrimination against African American essay. Racial tension is getting lower and lower every year, with less people suffering from it every year. Tolerance truly does wonders!