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American culture essay

Need an Essay On American Culture? Here You Go!

Essay on American culture is pretty tough to write. Why, you might ask? Well, this is because America is quite a diverse place. People migrated here from all over the globe, bringing their traditions from their home countries to America. American culture evolved from all these little pieces brought together and grew into something quite fascinating indeed.

First in our essay American culture, we have to discuss language. Most of the territories where USA originated were British colonies, whom quite unsurprisingly, spoke English. But the expansion moved westwards, adding the French and Spanish territories to the USA, and it wouldn’t a be fair to say in our essay on American culture that these people all started speaking English. Which is why today even though English is the primary language, it is not the only one, along with Spanish, German, French, etc.

Written word often define civilization This is why literature always play an important role in a culture. And so it does in our essay American culture. America’s beloved writer include Edgar Allan Poe, whose spooky stories can creep out anybody, Mark Twain, whose clever satire is funny for both kids and adults, Jack London, the author of some of the most heartbreaking novels, and many, many more.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the phrase “mega polis”? Most people think of skyscrapers made of steel and concrete. And our essay American culture will tell you, that it is simply due to American architecture. It is this nation that made building that go way up into the sky.

American theater, music, cinema, technology, all of these things can be talked about forever. The culture of this country is truly unimaginably rich, and we hope our essay on American culture taught you something new. Learn something new every day!