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American dream essay

What Does an American Dream Mean to You?

The American dream essay – something that sounds so easy yet is so complicated to write. It is complicated simply because, what is the American dream essay? What’s even am American dream? Well, the beauty of this term is the fact that it can be anything you want. If you are thinking: “Oh I am assigned to write my America dream essay, how do I even do it?” – first of all, just try to imagine, what does this term mean to you. The American dream essay is different for everybody just like the dream itself.

But let’s imagine you actually are assigned to write an American dream essay. The first thing you have to talk about – is what does this term actually define. An American dream – is an abstract idea of American ideals and prosperous life in America. And you can write in my American dream essay without any doubt that American dream might be something material, like wealth or property for someone, when for somebody else it might be something completely spiritual. William Safire once said: “The American Dream – is the idea of freedom and opportunity”. My American dream essay can also include the words from The Epic of America: “… American dream is about a country, where the lives of everyone will be better, richer and more fulfilling, where everybody will be able to get what he or she deserves”.

What is the American dream essay should also include the fact that this idea drove millions of people into the country. People who were tired from being mistreated in their home countries came to America hoping that they can start over. It really shows how strong and powerful the idea was that people were ready to leave absolutely everything behind for it.

Sometimes reading the article or another what is the American dream essay you may think that American dream is something that no longer exits. You might think, that it is a thing of the past that led thousands of immigrants but now is just a memory. However, the dream is still alive. Even today people come to America hoping that everything will change for them. Hoping for a chance of a better life for them and their kids.

So here you go – the American dream essay. An exciting idea for a better life.