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American food essay

American Food Essay – Don’t Read It Hungry!

People in America come from all around the world, and every person who came to America brought a piece of their native culture with them. This resulted in such a fascinating mix that there is simply no way to talk about all of it in a single American food culture essay.

Not to mention Thanksgiving in American food essay is simply a crime. This is a day the entire family spends days preparing special courses of different tasty dishes. Every table must have cranberry sauce, snowflake potatoes, and, of course, turkey. The variety of food on the table is simply mind-blowing!

We are writing an American food culture essay so we have to mention fast food. American people spend most of their time at work having no time for full meals, so fast food is quite popular over there. There are tasty burgers, spicy tacos, fried chicken, long hot-dogs, and so on and so on. It can take hours listing everything in this American food essay Everyone can find something he or she will enjoy. It is true that this food is generally not very healthy, however, it sure is tasty and filling.

Americans simply loves meat. Everybody knows about American BBQ parties, where everyone enjoys a tasty burger or a freshly cooked steak. Oh yes, we also forgot to mention in our American food essay about huge amounts of different sauces to top it all. There is ketchup, ranch, BBQ sauce and this is just the beginning. I mean, what can make a good piece of cooked meat even better? Put some amazing sauce on top of it!

In conclusion, it is quite obvious that America is the nation that just loves to eat. They cherish their food-related traditions and are always ready to try something new. If you even wondered can Americans prepare some tasty meals – you betcha! Hope you discovered something new from this American food culture essay for yourself!