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American revolution essay

What Are the Main Causes of the American Revolution?

How should one write a what caused the American revolution essay? The topic is a tough one, and even the most qualified historians are still unsure about certain moments. But causes of the American revolution essay is amongst the most popular assignments in high school and college, so we will try to help you out.

Considering the fact, that we want our American revolution essay be as close to truth as possible, we will rely on nothing but facts. To do just that, let’s take a look at the situation in America in the late 18th century. At the beginning of the colonization era, most of the people who lived in America were not born there, every respectable American revolution essay will tell you the same. But now, most of the people were born here and had never seen Britain or France. People living here no longer think of themselves as Americans and with that, the idea of independence rises. More and more people turn to this idea, and British government doesn’t really do much to change things. At some point the bubble burst, and the revolution begins. Don’t forget to put that into your causes of the American revolution essay.

Continuing with our American revolution essay, another thing that cause the revolution to take off, was the fact that British government wanted simply too much money. Of course, they wanted to make as much profit as possible, but constantly increasing taxes never ends well. And in your causes of your American revolution essay, you can make a point, that this time, it also did not end well for the British. People in America started feeling like they are being robbed, and this is also one of the reasons you should definitely out in your what caused the American revolution essay.

The best historians of this world agree, that these two things are the biggest causes of American revolution. Knowing this, writing a what caused the American revolution essay will be a piece of cake.