Diversity in America Essay Sample

Diversity in America Essay Sample

The American nation is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse societies in the world. Representatives of different nationalities, ethnic groups, and cultures live peacefully in this place, contributing to the vibrant and multifaceted society. Since the first settlers came to the New World, America has attracted people with different religious and political affiliations, worldviews, traditions, and beliefs, and this diversity is still a central part of the American society. In this short essay, I intend to provide a brief overview of diversity in the United States and explain why it benefits the nation both culturally and economically.

The first American colonies established in the 16th-17th centuries were created by the settlers from France, England, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, and Holland. The varied inhabitants of these new colonies might not have been very tolerant to each other, but they certainly realized the uniqueness of this diversity. Thus, for example, the first Great Seal featured a motto in Latin, which was translated as “out of many, one” (Krauthammer, 2017). The American identity was built on this principle of diversity, which highlighted that although every citizen has a different background, he/she is part of the American society, the so-called melting pot where everyone is equal and respected.

Throughout the history of the United States, millions of immigrants from different parts of the world came here in search for better life. People from Italy, Spain, Sweden, China, Russia, Poland, Armenia, Mexica, and many other countries moved to America and successfully integrated into the society (Murray, 2015). Interestingly, although after many years of living in the United States, they formed a new, American identity, many of them still preserve the connection to their culture and traditions. This diverse cultural identity is what makes the American society so exceptional and vibrant.

Today, the meaning of diversity has expanded greatly. This term now refers to not only ethnic and cultural diversity but also diversity in age, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, political affiliation, and many other social aspects. Diversity is being valued and promoted in the workplace and the corporate sphere as the primary driver of positive changes. Many books and articles have been published during the past decades that highlight the importance of diversity for sustaining the American nation (Koppelman, 2011). With the exception of the past year, the United States has promoted its image of a free and diverse country welcoming immigrants from different parts of the world.

But why is so much emphasis being placed on diversity? It is believed that diversity in all its manifestations reinvigorates the society by bringing different ideas and beliefs together. When many people of different cultures and nationalities meet, they receive a chance to exchange experiences and find innovative solutions to business and social issues. Furthermore, cultural differences benefit every citizen because they bring diversity in food, clothes, art, traditions, and everyday communication. Finally, diversity is a magnet for many talented and hard-working people who consider moving to the United States. While today, many people believe that immigrants threaten the American society, I am strongly convinced that they are the source of innovation and change that are needed to keep up with the global tendencies.

As seen from my discussion, diversity is the key characteristic of the American society. The United States was founded by the representatives of different nations, and it has traditionally attracted people from different parts of the world. One may suggest that due to this cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity, the young American nation has managed to become the global economic and political leader. Therefore, given its numerous advantages, diversity should be further promoted in the United States to preserve its status of the most welcoming and multicultural society.


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