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Essay About America Sample

The United States is one of the most economically successful and tolerant countries with huge potential. It has a strong judicial and political system, offers religious freedoms, and welcomes migrants from all over the world. People come to this country in search for economic and career opportunities they cannot get in their native countries. This is a place where everyone can achieve the American dream and contribute to the so-called melting pot that makes this nation unique. In this essay, I discuss why I like America and what makes this country so special to me.

I would like to begin by noting that the American society is built on the fundamental principle of freedom. For the past several centuries, people came here in search of this valuable freedom they were denied in their native countries. No one can be oppressed or discriminated here because of his/her religious or political affiliations. Notably, religion is separated from the state, meaning that no beliefs can be imposed on people by the government. It is possible to voice one’s ideas and thoughts without the fear of being killed or put in jail like in many totalitarian countries. The freedom of speech allows journalists and regular citizens to communicate their concerns and ideas without any restrictions, which positively affects the society in general. While Americans may take this freedom for granted, it means a lot to migrants who search for an opportunity to live in a tolerant and open society.

Democracy is another positive feature of the American society. This term refers to the political system that allows citizens to exercise their power by electing political representatives. From a broader perspective, democracy is not only fair elections but also protection of human rights and the rule of law. In other words, a democratic society is the society where laws apply to each citizen equally and where anyone can expect his/her rights to be protected by the judiciary system. People living in the United States can be sure that they can defend their democratic rights and get an opportunity to participate in the civic life. Moreover, American democracy protects individuals and minorities from the majority, thus preventing discrimination or abuse of power.

Furthermore, I like America for its diversity. This country has always been a magnet for people from different parts of the world. People belonging to different cultures and ethnic and racial groups can build a new life in the United States and feel at home in this multicultural society. Despite recent political changes and the growth of discriminatory practice and attitudes, America is still perceived as a tolerant and welcoming nation that opens its doors to all migrants irrespectively of their background. I like America because it is a melting pot where I can meet representatives of different cultures and expand my horizons. Every newcomer contributes to building a diverse nation with unique traditions, cultural practices, and worldviews.

I also admire America for its beauty. It has everything one can expect for: mountains and rivers, oceans, lakes, woods, and deserts. Those who like wilderness can enjoy its spectacular national parks like, for example, the world-famous Yosemite park. Those who like the sea can enjoy long ocean waves somewhere in California. American nature suits any taste, which is why it is so popular among tourists. I also like the fact that Americans take care about their natural heritage. They establish conservation projects and national parks to protect the vulnerable species and preserve the wild nature as it is. I hope that political leaders would support these efforts, thus putting America at the forefront of the conservation movement. To summarize, these are only some of the reasons to love America. It is a country that can offer immense opportunities and universal values to its citizens, so it is not surprising that so many people dream about coming to the United States.

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