What Makes America Great

What makes America great essay sample

Although it may sound too nationalist, America is undoubtedly one of the greatest nations in the world. It is exceptional because it was built on the principles of liberty and equity for every citizen. America is famous for its strong democratic principles that ensure the rule of law and justice for every individual. Moreover, it is a land of opportunities, where hard work, persistence, and a little bit of luck can help anyone achieve the American dream. The United States is also famous for its science, and it attracts the most brilliant and talented scientists and scholars from all over the world. It is a source of new scientific discoveries and innovations that drive the humanity forward. In this essay, I discuss these aspects in detail to explain why America can be called a great nation.

As I previously noted, the United States has a unique history because it is the only country whose founding fathers searched for freedom and equality (Krauthammer, 2017). No other nation has been built upon the ideas of liberty, self-government, and justice. These values have greatly shaped the American nation and the way it perceives itself. People of this country place freedom at the center of the society, which means that every person is free to choose one’s own beliefs and values as long as they do not hurt others. As a result, America has become famous for its freedom of religion, speech, and self-expression, and it remains a dream destination for millions of migrants from all over the world seeking a tolerant and free society.

Democracy is another feature that makes the Unites States great. Americans take pride in being able to participate in fair elections, and they feel they have power and means of influencing the country’s political and social life (De Tocqueville, 2004). Moreover, democracy is manifested in the way people see themselves within the society. Every individual possesses some basic rights that are protected by the judiciary, and even the most disadvantaged individuals can obtain justice in court. As far as I am concerned, democracy in America is about being part of a civic life and feeling one’s contribution to the common welfare.

I think that America is great because it offers immense opportunity to its citizens and newcomers. There are numerous job prospects and opportunities to start a business. It is easy to become an entrepreneur and succeed here because the state encourages hard-working and energetic people. Additionally, America is famous for its colleges and universities that provide high-quality education and professional skills to succeed further in life. With due persistence and commitment, anyone can build a decent life in this country.

Finally, one cannot but admire American science. The most intelligent and talented scientists and scholars work in the U.S. laboratories and universities, creating amazing innovations that improve our lives. America is the leader in technology, medicine, and science, and it attracts the most brilliant minds from all over the world by offering financial resources for ambitious projects. In my opinion, science is what will secure America’s place on the global map in the future because the modern world depends on knowledge and innovations more than on weapons and soldiers.

To summarize, America is great in many aspects. It is a place where the values of freedom and democracy are respected and protected and where anyone can build a successful life. America offers unlimited opportunities to its citizens by providing financial and educational resources to develop personally and professionally. In the world where information and knowledge are valued most of all, this country has any chances to remain a global leader and driver of positive changes.


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