Short essay help

Short Essay Help

Students often get an assignment to create a short essay. Such writings usually consist of five paragraphs. The assignment to craft such essay can arise in any class, no matter if it is math or history. Your paper must express a particular concept or idea, and should have evidence to back them.

Short essay structure

Just like any writing, such essays have some basic rules that every student has to be aware of. This type of paper has to include three sections, which are the introduction, body and conclusion. Introductory and concluding parts may consist of one paragraph, but the length of the body often depends on the theme of writing. If you have a complex topic, create more passages, as you need to provide a lot of detail. In case the topic is narrow, you may craft a couple of paragraphs. However, regardless of the number of passages you are going to include to your work, you should create a plan before you start writing.


It should be said that the introductory part is very important, as it is meant to make a strong opening of the writing and define what the paper is going to be about. Pick a controversial topic to raise the discussion. You may craft a short essay on ‘god helps those who help themselves’ or a short essay on ‘how religion helps me academically’. You have to make up a solid thesis that might catch the readers’ interest and make them want to continue reading. It is crucial that this part was well-written, as it helps the reader understand the topic and the format of your writing, as well as the way in which you are going to develop the content. Though the main point of the paperwork has to be contained in the introductory part, particularly in the thesis statement, don’t make it very detailed, so that the opening is not too boring. If you want to make the introduction even more intriguing, add some citations to give the cue about the theme and the way you are going to develop it.


is the main part on which the work is focused. It should unfold evidence, arguments, and your opinion on the issue. All information has to be provided in a logical manner, so that the text seemed smooth and the reader could comprehend your viewpoint. You may add some citations and dates, which can help you cover the topic better. Remember that passages in the section need logical connections, so use transition phrases, and your text will flow smoothly. If you notice that passages in your work don’t follow the flow of your ideas, consider returning to the plan of your paper and think how you can get things right.

Body parag

Body paragraphs’ format

s have to be clear to the reader. In order to make this happen, you should divide your arguments and cover them in separate passages. It is the way to stay focused and not to lose the flow of thought. In this regard, a good decision is to narrow the arguments and make them more specific. Though there are no particular instructions on how the passages of this part should be written, some recommendations to help you get a clearer understanding about developing the body of your writing are as follows:

  • Unfold the strongest points in the first paragraph.
  • Present less solid evidence in a descending sequence.
  • Unfold the weakest arguments in the last paragraph of the body.

If you organize your arguments in such a way, your viewpoint will be clearer to the readers and they are more likely to agree with your opinion on the problem.

Concluding s

Concluding section

section is the most extensive part of the work; however, when you finish writing it, that does not mean that the work is complete. It is time to summarize all your ideas and arguments. In this section, you are supposed to restate the thesis, summarize the discussion, and write the concluding point. An effective concluding paragraph gets the readers think of what they’ve learnt from your writing.

Assistance in

Assistance in writing a short essay

nts find writing an essay difficult and boring. For that reason, they search for short essay writing service that might fulfill their ″write my short essay″ request. The thing they do not realize is that with some preparation and practice, the task becomes quite easy. Short essays do not have as many requirements as other types of written assignments do, and they may provide you with some skills of information gathering, crafting a plan and proofreading.

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