Is Walmart Good for America? Essay Sample

Is Walmart good for America?

Walmart, one of the largest retail stores in the United States, has become the topic of heated debates in the American society. One group believes that this store is good for America because it is associated with competition, efficiency, low prices, and a wide variety of products (Whites, 2015). Moreover, it provides employment opportunities to thousands of Americans, which is critically important for the country’s economic stability. However, opponents claim that Walmart has anti-employee policies because it offers very low wages and bad health coverage. In this short essay, I aim to look at pros and cons of Walmart and decide whether it is good for America or not.

Before assessing advantages and disadvantages of Walmart, it is important to provide a brief overview of this company. Founded in 1962, this company currently includes a large chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores, discount department stores, etc. across the United States (Reuters, 2017). Additionally, to keep up with the marketing trends, the company has launched its e-commerce Website, which facilitated access to thousands of products. During the past decade, the company has been active on the issues of taxes, clean energy, and consumer safety initiatives, and paid increased attention to employee policies. According to the official website, Walmart currently employs more than 1.5 million people (Walmart, 2017).

As a large retail chain that operates across the country, Walmart has many advantages for both people and the economy. To begin with, this company is famous for setting affordable prices and offering diverse products. Consumers can choose from a variety of brands and products that are either more expensive or unavailable at smaller local stores. In other words, Walmart is beneficial to millions of American families who seek usable yet inexpensive products (Lombardo, 2016). Moreover, Walmart is so popular because customers can buy a variety of different goods here without the need of driving to different stores. Here, you can find everything – from furniture and electronics to food and clothes. Naturally, it is advantageous to people who find shopping too stressful and time-consuming.

Furthermore, it is believed that Walmart contributes to the elimination of poverty in the United States. According to Kestenbaum (2017), this company saves a typical family of four more than $2,000 annually. Walmart provides working places for thousands of people in the USA and abroad, which helps lift them out of poverty and reduce the number of families under welfare. In rural areas and regions with high unemployment rates, Walmart is one of few companies offering stable jobs to residents.

However, some people argue that Walmart’s contribution to the American economy and society is overestimated. The major point of criticism concerns employee policies. There have been many class lawsuits filed by its employees across the country, who complained about abuse and discriminatory and unjust corporate practice (Lombardo, 2016). Employees have also been dissatisfied with inadequate health coverage that compensates low prices. Healthcare policies affect workers with minimum wages the most, urging them to get on government-funded programs such as Medicaid. Finally, Walmart creates competition in the market that small family businesses cannot handle. This, in turn, adversely affects local businesses and limits entrepreneurs’ opportunities.

As seen, Walmart has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it is a successful company providing accessible and quality products to millions of Americans. It offers employment in areas with limited job opportunities, which positively affects the economy. On the other hand, Walmart has gotten a bad reputation for its unfair employee policies and discriminatory practices, which demonstrates that the company is focused more on profits rather than social benefits. Therefore, I suggest that Walmart can become good for America only if it manages to improve its policies and values and focus more on its contribution to the society.

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