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Essay about America

What is America?

It quite hard to write an essay about America. I mean, what do you even start with? Geographical location? Population? Well, for the sake of things let’s quickly go over all of these things and describe this beautiful country as best as we can.

Just like any other essay about America, we will start with geography. The first thing that pops into your head is how huge it is. It stretches all the way from the eastern to the western cost through multiple time and climate zones. There is truly everything, vast plains of the Great West, deep southern swamps, endless forests of the north. There is no other country in the world with such natural diversity.

Let’s jump into history. For thousands of years this continent was inhabited by the local tribes, who had their own customs and traditions. But everything completely changed once the Europeans arrived and started very actively colonizing these territories. More and more people moved from Europe and other parts of the world, and with them, the ideas started to arrive as well. The most important one – the idea of an independent state. This led to a revolutionary war that gave birth to the land of the free and home of the brave – America.

It wouldn’t be an essay about America, if we haven’t touched its current traditions and customs. This country is known as the country of immigrants, so it has quite a lot of different customs and traditions. But something that America loves the most is holidays. For such occasions as Halloween or Christmas every family will decorate their house to keep the holiday spirit and everybody will come together to celebrate. They will congratulate each other, sing songs and do some fun activities, for example, trick-o-treating.

In conclusion, America is quite a wonderful place. An amazing place for a vacation. It is just tremendous fun!