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Asian american stereotypes essay

Here Are Some Typical Asian American Stereotypes That Need to Go

Even to this day, the life of average Asian is filled with stereotypes. It is quite sad, considering that Asian population was amongst nationalities who helped to create this beautiful country. But this isn’t just another Asian American stereotypes essay, here we will actually look into why they exist and how much hard do they cause.

If you are an Asian – you must be good at math. Nearly every Asian American essay will tell that this stereotype is quite harmless, however, it still causes people to feel uncomfortable when someone expects them to know something simply because of the color of their skin.

Asian American stereotypes essay simply cannot not mention the fact, that a lot of people still think that every Asian must be in expert in martial arts. This largely comes from the Hollywood, which portrayed nearly every single Asian as an ancient kung-fu master. It is like saying that if you are of Irish decent – you must be a drunk. Quite stupid, huh?

Let’s continue with our Asian American essay. Probably the most harmful stereotype that, sadly, a typical Asian American essay tends to overlook is the fact that Asians are still largely thought of as foreigners. The Asian community has been around since the beginning of 19-th century, but people still see them as immigrants, movies still depict them having a strong accent. This is just so infuriating when other people treat them like second class citizens because of this!

To overcome all of these stereotypes, the only real thing everyone needs to do is to forget about the prejudices for a second. Go on Internet and educate yourself about Asian culture, their customs and traditions. You will open yourself to something new and truly exciting, that is for sure.

If this Asian American stereotype essay at least made you think for a little while that we have done our duty. We really hope you can let go of all the prejudice!