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Our guarantees

Quality Guarantee

EssayAmerica is a fully trusted, reliable service providing various types of academic writing, so we give full guarantees for all our work. We guarantee that all papers are written originally by qualified ENL writers from scratch, without the use of any pre-written materials, and based solely on the customer’s order requirements. Every writer assigned to your orders is competent and qualified exactly in your subject and discipline, and provides full writing service starting with material search and organizing the essay body and ending with full proofreading and editing of the finished work. if even despite this effort, you are still dissatisfied and want to change something, we guarantee a free revision that you may request within 14 days after order’s delivery to you.

Originality Guarantee

Plagiarism is our worst enemy, and we pursue the zero-plagiarism policy in all types of assignments. However, all essays (except for personal, reflective ones) are written based on some background research and contain references, which may take up to 5% of the text’s originality. As a result, we give an unbeatable guarantee for minimum 95% originality of all content we generate for you; otherwise, we are ready to embark on a revision.

Guarantee of Deadline Compliance

Time is everything, especially in the turbulent student life with rigid submission deadlines. We are always ready to comply with your deadlines if we agree to handle the order for you – then we accomplish it for you. Within years of our service, deadline compliance rate of EssayAmerica writers never went below 97%, which is the subject of our particular pride. Our experts are always ready to assist you with the most pressing deadlines, so don’t worry about short terms with us.

Refund Guarantee

We are entirely dedicated to service quality and write flawless papers, but things happen. Our writers may face some extreme situations such as illness or technical power shortages, as well as any contingency may happen. A situation when you see that the paper is written completely not in line with your requirements is also theoretically possible, though highly rare, so for your confidence and absence of worries, we have crafted a money back guarantee. We will give you a 100% refund for the paper that does not satisfy you, just turn to us and voice your concerns – we will investigate the matter and issue a refund if your complaint is justified.