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The mexican american war essay

Mexican – American war: justified or not?

The Mexican – American war makes people argue even today. Was it justified? Was it simply an excuse to take some of your neighbor’s land and add it to your own? In this essay, that can be simply titled as “Was the Mexican American war justified essay”, we will try to look at things from a different perspective.

So let’s set the scene. You can’t really make a Mexican American war essay without first looking at what caused the entire thing. And it all starts in Texas. At the beginning of 19th century, Texas was considered a part of the United Mexican States. But as the time passes on, more and more people migrate to Texas from the US, and considering that the region was very low-populated, they quickly became the majority. In our Mexican American essay, we are going to leave out some details, but as a matter of fact Texas seceded from Mexico and joined the US as a twenty-eighth state. After that, the US also annexed a bunch of territories in the northern Mexico that makes a large portion of today’s south west (states such as Nevada, New Mexico, California, etc.). Every Mexican American war essay will say that the amount of land the US gained from this war is simply mind-blowing. But let’s not forget that the name of this work is was the Mexican American war justified essay and not just Mexican American war essay. So let’s look into it.

It is a fact, that US had very little claim to the land it acquired. Basically all the other territories that were not Texas never left Mexico and were just conquered by Americans. This makes US look bad in this Mexican American essay, but on the other hand, does a land really belong to you simply because you came there first and placed your flag before the other guy did? Because despite being almost half of the size of Mexico, the land they lost was inhabited by only one percent of its total population. The US invested manpower and time into these regions and made them quite successful in only few years, something Mexico never really bothered to do. So, who is right and who is wrong? This Mexican American essay cannot give a straight – forward answer. It is simply more complicated than this. But if someone was planning on writing your own was the Mexican American war justified essay – this article can give something to think about.