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Native american essay

Native Americans Are Proud People with a Long History

The history of native Americans is both fascinating and extremely tragic. Once they were the only inhabitants of the entire continent, however, now they make up less than one percent of a country’s population.

When writing an essay on native American culture, one must always remember, not all native Americans are the same. In fact, there is such a huge variety in different tribes and nationalities that it is quite a task to try to go through them all. These are the Comanche, the Apache, Arikara, Blackfoots, and so on and so on. But something we can do it we can point out in a native American culture essay to some similarities that most of these peoples have in common.

The North America is known for its vast plains and open fields. It is good for cattle, but not too good for agriculture. In case you have ever seen an essay on native American culture, you will know that most tribes practiced nomadic or semi – nomadic life styles, and this is the reason why. They were moving from place to place with their cattle, and practically never build cities or even small villages. Native Americans lived very close to the nature, which is why the culture of Animism was the most wide-spread in the entire region. People believed, that every creature or even every object has some sort of a spiritual essence that is unique to it. It is an ancient belief the predates even paganism.

If we want to make our native American culture essay truly informative, we simply have to talk about shamans. Shaman – is basically a spiritual leader of the tribe, a person of the greatest trust and respect among the people. He functions as sort of a bridge between two worlds, the world of physical things and the world of spirits. Native Americans believed that because of this shaman had the power to turn the spirits to their side. Speaking in a more practical way for our native American culture essay, the tribesman believed, that these shamans had the power to do things such as heal the sick, ask for a good weather or make sure that the hunt will be fruitful. One of the greatest things about writing an essay on native American culture is learning all of these things.